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Bring your class, daycare program, preschool or other organization for a field trip to the Fairbanks Children's Museum:


Field trips are designed to encourage curiosity and discovery through play and creativity.


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To schedule your field trip, call 474-1887 or email


If you are interested in combining a field trip to the Fairbanks Children's Museum with a field trip to the University of Alaska Museum of the North on the same day, please email or call 474-5360.


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Field Trips

All field trips have been planned to include the Alaska State Standards Early Learning Guidelines through 4th grade. The three programs offered expand on concepts integrated into other exhibits in our museum, support your teaching with hands-on experiences, and encourage playful exploration.

Grade Level: Preschool through 4th grade

Availability: Tuesday-Friday 9:30-3:30pm

Cost: $5 per child

All Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Aides, Chaperones are FREE!

Group Size:    Minimum of 6/8 students learning through the use of open-ended inquiry and group interaction.

Length: 1.5 or 2 hours, which can include a combination of the following types of visits.

groups have the opportunity to explore our many exhibits at their own pace, following each child’s own curiosity and imagination.

25-30 minutes (including transition) added on to your Do-It-Yourself visit

All programs are adapted appropriately for the age or grade level

Reservations and Questions:

Sarah Robinson M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction

Director of Education & Community Outreach

Office #

3 Programs Currently Offered:

The same topics and materials are offered for all grade levels (preschools to 4th grade), but the FCM education staff will tailor the presentation specifically to your grade level after trip is booked.  

Simple Machines-

Students will explore the different types of simple machines including levers, pulleys, gears, wedges, incline planes and examine how simple machines help make work easier through hands-on examples. All groups will participate in an interactive lever (teeter totter) demonstration.

Students will either build a simple machine or explore simple machines and their functions.

(Examples: tools, catapults, pulleys and scales)

Arts & Parts Studio-

Students will create their own art piece using recycled materials. Teachers will choose one of these three activities:the mystery tub, the animal tub or do a lithographic printing.

Science Investigations-

Students will explore one of these three science topics-motion, flight or pendulums.

Students will conduct science experiments in which they will predict, observe and change one variables to search for the cause and effect relationships within their topic.





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