Our staff is here to provide themed hands-on lessons at the Museum! Class sizes are limited, facilities are clean, the museum remains closed to the public, and COVID-19 precautions are taken.  

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Cool Chemistry I October 5-9
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Cool Chemistry

Ages 5-8

October 5-9


Let’s do chemistry and learn about the world around us! Each day will be filled with fun hands on, minds on activities in hopes of increasing interest in science and exploration. 

All About Birds I October 12-16

All About Birds

Ages 6-9

October 12-16


Learn about our feathered friends in this introduction to ornithology. What makes birds unique? Let’s find out! 

Weather Science I October 19-23
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Weather Science

Ages 5-7

October 19-23


Explore the science of weather through hands-on activities!  We will take a trip through the water cycle, study cloud types, wind, temperature, the Sun and other weather phenomena. 

Geography of Alaska I October 26-30

Geography of Alaska

Ages 7-9

October 26-30


Explore one of the 5 regions of Alaska each day through stories, art, maps, and other hands on activities.

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