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organizational memberships

The Fairbanks Children's Museum is a valuable resource for families as well as organizations that support young people in the Interior. We are pleased to partner with therapeutic and educational organizations that serve young people by offering a membership option specifically for the needs of those organizations and their clients! 

If you work with young children or individuals with disabilities, an organizational membership at the Fairbanks Children's Museum gives you and your clients the option of learning, therapy, or special instruction while playing in our facility. 


If your organization would like to purchase an organizational membership, please contact the museum over the phone at (907) 374-6873 or by email


free admission

Admission for up to ten people at one time - inclusive of children and adults - for 12 months. 


An employee / volunteer of the organization needs to provide a membership card upon entry to the museum.

A girl engages in imaginative self-directed play at the Fairbanks Children's Museum.
A child draws a picture at the Fairbanks Children's Museum, a place for kids in Fairbanks.


Organizations receive 10% discount for room rentals

Meredith Maple, E.D.

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Give a gift and keep learning playful for our community's youngest!

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