Sensory Friendly Museum Play 

When: First Monday of each month

Admission: $4 (FREE for members)

Our goal is to offer children with special needs and sensory processing differences the opportunity to visit the museum in a much more intimate environment. Sensory Friendly Nights will be an exclusive museum time designated for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other processing needs to have a fun, enjoyable and interactive learning experience in a comfortable and more peaceful play environment with the whole family. As well as children with other special/medical needs who might desire this type of relaxed play environment. Prior to opening, the museum staff will lower the lights and sound and determine appropriate textures to put in the Imagineering lab for play. We will also ask a community partner to bring in a special activity, and resource staff member for parent questions.

Museum modifications: 

- Less crowded environment 
- Light and sound reduction
- Extra visual safety signage 
- Designated quiet rooms

Museum Social Story

Museum Map

Scavenger Hunt

Questions? Contact Jessica Farr at jessica@fairbankschildrensmuseum or at 907-374-7063.

FCM provides the following: 

- ear defenders for overstimulating sounds (headphones)
- weighted lap pads (blankets)
- weighted vests
- softening light filters for overstimulating lights

This program was made possible by a grant from the Golden Heart Community Foundation, an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation.

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