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the Tree Canopy Climber

Our newest exhibit was completed in late 2020 and invites kids to explore their gross motor skills through movement. 

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water table

The Water Table invites sensory activity that excites both our youngest and our older visitors! Creating mazes to see how the current reacts and sending little boats on their way is a favorite around here. 

imagineering lab

Our Imagineering Lab features something for every kind of maker, builder and creator! The crafting corner is stocked with every type of material your kids might need to start making art and we provide changing suggestions to trigger your imagination.

Changing sensory activities - from beans to colored rice or mulch - challenge your littlest's brains to explore. 

calming room

This room offers a calm environment with sensory activities, dedicated to visitors who experience sensory processing differences. 

the vet clinic

The vet clinic travelled a long ways from the Lower48 to become a permanent exhibit at the Museum! Featuring lab coats, stethoscopes and, of course, furry patients, this interactive exhibit offers opportunities to engage your kids in creative play. 

for our youngest visitors

You can find a variety of exhibits throughout the Museum that engage our youngest visitors. Focusing on sensory activities and motor skill development, these exhibits are set up away from the more busy sections of the Museum, so that even your newly walking toddler can safely explore. 

Become a Museum family and take advantage of free admission! 

Plan your visit today and see these exhibits for yourself!

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