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board application

The Fairbanks Children's Museum is seeking board member candidates for the 2022-2024 term

title: board member

reports to: the President, Board of Directors

term: three years, unless appointed to fill a vacant term. Directors may serve up to two consecutive terms.

purpose: to determine policies, procedures, and the direction of the Fairbanks Children’s Museum; to raise funds to finance the organization and its programs; and to monitor organizational performance.

general responsibilities and powers of the Board of Directors as a whole:

  • establish policies for administering the organization in accordance with the mission of the organization

  • select, support, and evaluate the Executive Director

  • provide strategic guidance to the Executive Director

  • ensure financial solvency and help raise resources

  • ensure that the financial affairs of the organization are conducted in accordance with established bylaws, policies, agreements and federal and state laws

specific duties of Board Members:

  • prepare for and attend regularly scheduled monthly board meetings (10-12 per year) and one annual retreat per year in person or by teleconference, arriving on time and staying through the entire agenda (and contacting the Executive Director in advance of the meeting if unable to attend)

  • read materials sent to board members or committee members and act in a timely manner on those needing action

  • become fully informed about any proceedings for which you were absent

  • participate in occasional special meetings of the board scheduled to improve its performance

  • serve on at least one board committee

  • make an annual personal gift to FCM that is meaningful and significant to you

  • assume leadership in organizational funding efforts

  • assume board leadership responsibilities as requested and as possible

  • represent the organization at community events to other organizations and with private individuals

  • respect the confidentiality of the board’s business

  • be informed about and comply with board policies

  • become and stay sufficiently knowledgeable about the Fairbanks Children’s Museum- its bylaws, operations and underlying principles—to make informed decisions and ask for clarification on any matter not understood fully before making a decision

  • attend the annual community outreach and fundraising events


Meredith Maple, E.D.

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