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museums for all

Museums are an incredible community resource and should be accessible to all families, regardless of income! That is why the Fairbanks Children's Museum participates in the Museums For All initiative, an initiative of Museum and Library Services. This program allows families with an Alaska Quest Card (or another state EBT card) or with a Foster Parents Card to play at the Fairbanks Children's Museum at our lowest-priced admission of just $3 per person.

The Museums for All initiative represents a long stride toward the goal of reaching more children and parents, especially those living in poverty, with the valuable learning resources of museums. Children’s museums, with their unique focus on bringing children, families, and communities together, are committed to providing access to all. Each year, children’s museums host more than 31 million visitors. The Museums for All initiative will allow children’s museums to further expand their reach and impact.

Museums for ALL allows low-income and foster care families to visit the Fairbanks Children's Museum with reduced admission.

$3 admission 

for Alaska Quest / EBT card holders

To participate, show your Alaska Quest card to our staff at the front desk.

Up to four people per card presented may receive reduced admission.

This program is made possible with a sponsorship from


Meredith Maple, E.D.

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